Q: What are Your Public Adjuster Fees?

A: When you hire our firm, you pay absolutely nothing out of pocket!  Our compensation is a small percentage of the total claim once it’s settled. We don’t charge a set rate, as every claim is different and is evaluated individually.  However, if we are hired at the beginning of a claim our fees are generally 12-15% of the claim settlement; and if we are hired to re-open a claim that’s already been settled, our fee is generally 25-30% of whatever additional monies we are able to obtain for you.  However, it is important to note that we generally are able to help you take full advantage of your policy’s benefits in such a way as to more than make up for our fee, which is generally more than covered by the larger settlement we obtain for you. Remember, if there is no settlement, there is no fee to you at all!


Q: If I hire Property Claim Adjusters, and I have to pay a percentage of my recovery, I will then be short money, right?

A: This is the biggest misconception. Since our recovery is usually 200%-300% more than what you can get on your own, it basically makes our service free. We handle the claim and get you more money, which more than absorbs our fee.