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An Arizona Water Claim

Water claims are a tricky matter, indeed. That’s why it’s important to talk to an expert about your water claim as quickly as possible. If your insurance company has sent out a water mitigation company (or even if you have called one yourself), understand that most water mitigation companies have contractual obligations to the insurance companies. These are called “preferred vendor” programs. In other words, these water mitigation companies are not unbiased when it comes to your water loss. They have often been instructed by the insurance carriers to use specific techniques and to follow specific policies in order to minimize the damages, saving your insurance company money.


There is the obvious underlying threat that if they don’t mitigate your water damage in accordance with the insurance company’s policies, they run the risk of losing future business with your insurance company. The water mitigation company is not your friend and they are not working with your best interest in mind. That’s why it’s vital that you have someone on your side who understands the claims process and will fight to make sure you get a fair settlement.


Don’t delay! When it comes to water damage, time is not on your side. A Category 1 water loss can quickly escalate into a Category 3 loss – putting not only your property at risk, but your health into jeopardy. Call us at (480) 993-3564 to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We will come to your location and evaluate your water loss, review your policy, and determine if it makes sense for us to work together to resolve your claim.


Keep in mind, though, that flood claims will not be covered by your standard homeowner’s policy. You’ll need to have flood coverage offered through the National Flood Insurance Program. Click Here to see if your Arizona community participates in the National Flood Insurance Program.

Frozen Pipes
One of the most common types of water damage occurs as a result of frozen pipes in the Arizona mountain communities that see cold weather. During the winter, we processes a number of claims that occur because water pipes freeze and burst. When this happens, it can damage your flooring, your walls, your furniture and other personal belongings.
Appliance Issues
Another common scenario that results in a claim is when an appliance breaks. For example, if your dishwasher or your washing machine breaks and the water runs out into the floor, this would be a scenario that is covered by your insurance policy. Supply lines on the backs of these appliances can wear out and form leaks. When this occurs, a large amount of water could get out into your house. It can cause a great deal of damage. Keep in mind, though, that while the damage the water causes is generally covered, replacement of the broken appliance is often not.
Roof Leak
If your roof leaks during a storm and water ruins the inside of your home or business, this is a scenario which your insurance will generally cover. However, insurance may not cover the roof leak if it’s related to maintaining your property. The exception to this would be if a storm ripped off shingles and formed a hole in the roof. The damage to the inside of the property, including flooring, walls and furniture, will generally be covered by your insurance in this case.
Fish Tank

Another type of water damage that could occur is when a large fish tank breaks. When this happens, a large amount of water could immediately rush onto your floor. Glass would also be everywhere and could be dangerous. Your policy will usually cover this type of accident as it could do quite a bit of damage to the interior of your property.


The word “independent” means that the licensed adjuster is able to represent more then one insurance company. Although he is “independent,” he does represent the insurance company, not the policyholder.
Property Claim Adjusters will help you make these important decisions as part of the many services we provide. A good rule of thumb is to protect your property as if you had no insurance at all.